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  1. robert slaten

    Are all strains, as was last posted on your website in June, currently available? Rob

    1. admin

      Hi Robert, the strain selection that you see on our website are all the strains grown by Nature’s Spirit in Leadville. The quantities change almost daily, based off our sales. If you’d like, you can call the dispensary at 719-486-1900 and they can give you the strain availability for that day. Thank you for your inquiry and we hope you become one of our valued customers!

  2. Brad

    Greetings! Always love stopping by Nature’s Spirit on our annual CO trip. We are coming thru Leadville on June 5th. Will the Spring Special Sale prices still be going on?
    Many thanks! See you in 3 weeks!

    1. admin

      Good Afternoon Brad, Thank you for making us your stop when you’re in town, the spring prices were only for the month of April as we are gearing up for summer. Come in and mention you contacted us on here and we will be happy to give you what deals are offered at the time of your visit. Thank you for being the best part of Nature’s Spirit. Safe travels 🙂

  3. A Diabetic

    This message is for Charlie.. A BIG Thank You to you and your knowledge. I was diagnosed with diabetes with a fasting blood sugar of 430. I was diagnosed during the 1st week of July and while trying to Do this on my own my primary care physician was adamant about allowing me to leave her office without signing an against medical advice she informed me that I would eventually need to get on metformin and start insulin because my sugars were so high. I began a keto low carb diet ..cut out all starches and sugars for my diet and even started a walking regimen July past.. August past.. and while yes my sugars did lower little bit they were still well above 200 fasting blood sugar. I came in to Nature Spirit, Met Charlie, we had an awesome conversation in regards to Marijuana, THC, CBD, and its healing powers and guess what it has been exactly 19 days since I began your CBD gummies. I also started taking sublingual CBD sugars dropped down to normal levels I am currently at a fasting blood sugar between 120 and 130. Also my A1C was originally diagnosed at 12.7 back in July. I recently had my A1C rechecked and my results are at 7.2. The CBD/THC has really assisted me in achieving my goal of not being insulin dependent. Thank you!

    1. admin

      Thank you for your feedback, I’ve passed this review on to Charlie and was pleased to hear his recommendations helped you, We are excited to
      hear that CBD is something that has helped you manage your Diabetes as We know its not a very nice ordeal to go thru, we will make sure we have CBD on our shelf
      for you and others who may want to give it a shot at all times from now on 🙂
      Thank you for being the best part of Nature’s Spirit. <3

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