Nature’s High

  • Lemon Lime Hard Candy 100mg
  • Strawberry Mango Hard candy 100mg
  • Soft Granola 100mg
  • Triple Fudge Browne 100mg
  • Peanut Butter Squares 100mg


  • Watermelon Pucks 100 mg
  • Peach Pucks 100 mg
  • Cherry Pucks 100mg
  • Golden Strawberry 100mg
  • Assorted Fruit 100 mg
  • Dutch Girl Waffle Cookies 100 mg
  • Dutch Girl Ebony & Ivory Chocolates 100 mg
  • CBD Peach Pucks
  • CBD Watermelon Pucks
  • CBD Cherry Berry Pucks
  • CBD Golden Strawberry


  • Vanilla Affogato Bar 100mg
  • Mile High Bar 100


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